‘Black Adam’ Review: Brutal Nonstop Action

Black Adam review
Black Adam review
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After over a decade of waiting, Black Adam is finally here. This isn’t a joke, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson literally still had hair on his head when he was first mentioned about the role in 2007. Waiting this long creates one question, “how is it?” We have a spoiler-free review for you, but the movie is exactly what you think it is.

Black Adam is a movie that has nonstop brutal action. It constantly pushes the line of being an R-rated movie with some of the death scenes in a movie, in a good way. Right from the beginning, the movie leans into the action. It never really stops either, from beginning to end the movie is always a few minutes away from another action scene. If you’re looking for a fun mindless popcorn flick, this is the movie for you.

On the downside, Black Adam is an incredibly dated movie – it feels like it was made in 2007. The pacing and writing are very similar to the superhero movies of the mid-2000s, like the Fantastic Four. The amount of slow-motion action scenes is so excessive in Black Adam it starts feeling like a chore toward the end of the movie. By the end of the movie, you won’t be able to go through an action scene without slow-motion occurring in it. It’s a bit of a far cry from the fast-paced action at the beginning of the movie. The action scene in the beginning of the movie is easily the most memorable part of the movie, and gets you immediately glued in.

Regardless, despite all of its faults, Black Adam is a fun movie. It isn’t necessarily the savior DC is looking for, but it’s an entertaining movie that doesn’t have you walking away upset like so many other DC movies have done in the past. If you enjoyed watching movies like Transformers or Fast and Furious you will have fun watching Black Adam.

PS: You need to stay for the credits scene.

Overall Grade: C+

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