Sunmi Sues Netizens Leaving Malicious Comments

Sunmi has decided to file lawsuits on netizens who left malicious hate comments and her label, Makeus Entertainment, has published the official statement about the steps they have decided to take for the legal actions against those comments. Below was the full announcement.

“Hello, this is Makeus Entertainment.

We are announcing that we have finished filing cases of 12 individuals for defaming our artist Sunmi to Seoul Songpa Police District on October 24, 2019.

We have collected and selected particularly malicious comments based on our monitoring and reported data from Miya-Ne.

As we have previously announced, we will take strict measures against actions that spread false rumors and defame our artist’s character. We will continue to actively monitor and receive tips so that we can best protect our artist. Thank you for your support and love towards Sunmi. We hope the steps we take could lead to better internet culture in the future. Thank you.”

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