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    P1Harmony to Make Their Official Debut on October 28

    Rookie group P1Harmony has confirmed its debut date. The group will release their first mini-album on October 28. According to FNC Entertainment, P1Harmony will release their debut album DISHARMONY: STAND OUT on October 28 and start their first-ever promotions. DISHARMONY: STAND OUT is the first album of the first series of P1Harmony’s theme, “This Harmony.” […] More

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    Fans Excited to See Seolhyun on Rookie Group P1Harmy’s Movie

    The movie P1H: The Beginning of a New World, a movie featuring FNC Entertainment’s new boy band P1Harmony’s worldview, has unveiled a still photo that shows a glimpse into the survivors searching for hope in the scattered time and space. P1H: The Beginning of a New World tells the story of six boys scattering to […] More

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    The Name of FNC Entertainment’s New Boy Band Is P1Harmony

    FNC Entertainment’s new boy band P1Harmony will make their debut next month. On September 1, FNC Entertainment opened the official SNS channels for their rookie group P1Harmony and released a short clip of the logo motion. They said, “P1Harmony is a six-member idol with outstanding skills and diverse talents, and is scheduled to make its […] More