Fans Excited to See Seolhyun on Rookie Group P1Harmy’s Movie

Credit: FNC Entertainment

The movie P1H: The Beginning of a New World, a movie featuring FNC Entertainment’s new boy band P1Harmony’s worldview, has unveiled a still photo that shows a glimpse into the survivors searching for hope in the scattered time and space.

P1H: The Beginning of a New World tells the story of six boys scattering to different dimensions to find the “star of hope” so they can save the Earth, which has been devastated by a virus that maximizes anger and violence.

In the newly released still photo, the intensity of each survivor grabs the attention. From a boy holding a gun, a boy looking into a clue, to a boy looking shocked by the bloody wall, each of the P1Harmony members gave off a mysterious and suspenseful atmosphere. Especially, Seolhyun, who is aiming at the target with a shotgun, made headlines.

Meanwhile, the movie’s main trailer surpassed 1 million views just three days after its release, drawing keen attention. The main trailer depicts boys scattered in three dimensions, past, present, and future, in a virus-infected world, catching the eye with dynamic story and movie-like quality.

Check out the comments.

“I’m speechless watching this teaser. Never expected the movie will be something like this. FNC really invests a lot in debuting these boys. Hope it will go well.”

“Everything was serious until Jae Suk change to Hae In”

“Feel like I watched a different version of Train to Busan.”

“‘Let’s go 2020.’ Probably not the best year to come to.

“This should be released on Netflix.”

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