Netflix’s ‘Black Knight’ Unveils Epic Trailer Starring Kim Woo Bin, Song Seung Heon and More

black knight kdrama
black knight kdrama
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has recently released the main teaser trailer for the upcoming series, Black Knight.

Taking place in a future Korean Peninsula where the air pollution has become so severe that human survival is only possible with the help of oxygen, the series revolves around the legendary courier named 5-8 and a refugee named Sa Wol who join forces to fight against the Chun Myung Group, the ruling entity in this new world.

The teaser trailer provides a glimpse into the vast world of the deliverymen. It shows that 40 years ago, the Korean Peninsula was transformed into a desert, leaving only one percent of the population to survive. While Seoul’s landmarks are still visible, the city and nature that were once there have disappeared, with the Han River filled with sand and N Seoul Tower partially destroyed. The legendary deliveryman 5-8 (played by Kim Woo Bin) delivers oxygen and daily necessities during the day, taking responsibility for the survival of those remaining. At night, he transforms into the Black Knight, seeking to overthrow the Chun Myung Group, the ruling power of this barren world.

Chun Myung Group’s successor, Ryu Seok (played by Song Seung Heon), believes that everything is within the realm of their control and that sacrifices must be made for a better life. However, 5-8 declares that the new order of the world will not be decided by Ryu Seok, and promises to resist his authority.

Meanwhile, military intelligence officer Seol Ah (played by Lee Som) warns 5-8 of the potential chaos that may ensue. Additionally, refugee Sa Wol (played by Kang Yoo Suk) jumps onto one of the delivery trucks to pursue his dream of becoming a deliveryman.

Black Knight will be released on May 12th.

Source: Netflix

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