3 Things to Look for in TVING Original Series ‘Duty After School’

duty after school drama
duty after school drama
Credit: TVING

The upcoming TVING original webtoon-based series Duty After School tells the story of high school seniors who start a “real war” instead of an entrance exam war to fight against the attack of the mysterious creatures that have covered the sky. It’s set to be released on the 31st.

#Enhanced Charms of the Original Webtoon
duty after school drama
Credit: TVING

Class of Lies director Sung Yong Il and rookie writer Yoon Soo collaborated to bring a new horizon to the school genre, with The Light in Your Eyes writer Lee Nam Gyu participating as a creator. The expanded worldview with increased plausibility, three-dimensional character variations, and visually striking “Guche” creatures are essential viewing points that cannot be missed. The medium-sized Guche was recreated to be similar in size to the original webtoon but with improved details, while the small Guche was transformed to a size that allows for easy movement to create tense and spectacular scenes. Even the colors and designs of the military equipment were carefully considered to avoid dissonance with the school uniform. Director Sung said, “I tried to explain in detail the birth background of Guche or their entity more than the original work. The biggest goal was to make the art and props look as realistic as possible.” Writer Yoon also said, “I paid attention to giving the story the plausibility and establishing the worldview. Please watch for the redesigned Guche and the worldview that turned more realistic.”

#The Essence of “Multi-Character”
duty after school drama
Credit: TVING

The performance of the actors who portray a variety of human figures in a creative world cannot be missed. The senior students in homeroom 2 who suddenly get thrown into a survival game overnight are at the center of the drama. Since the story revolves around those who start the after-school war against attacks from monsters they have never encountered before, there is more expectation than ever for the performances of rising stars such as Kim Ki Hae, Choi Mun Hee, Kim Soo Gyeom, Yeo Ju Ha, Lee Yeon, Kwon Eun Bin, Moon Sang Min, and Woo Min Gyu. Director Sung pointed out, “I wanted to enhance the charms of students and revive them in a ‘multi-character story.’ You will be able to see the real war of kids surviving in their own way.” In addition, the performances of the adults, Shin Hyun Soo, Lee Soon Won, and Im Se Mi, are also expected. The after-school war activity of these kids will bloom true friendship and comradeship instead of rivalry.

#”K-School War Drama” Unlike Anything Seen Before
duty after school drama
Credit: TVING

Duty After School is expected to bring about a new type of “K-School War Drama.” Director Sung sympathized with the original creator’s statement that “the vague situation of children who study without dreams or purposes, go to college, and have to take the college entrance exam is expressed through the creature Guche.” Writer Lee said, “The protagonist of the drama is a student and a soldier. In other words, incomplete humans and complete humans had to coexist. I wrote the drama, hoping to see the kids struggle and grow within that world.” Writer Yoon explained, “Rather than the catharsis of victory, it depicts the desperate survival and growth of students who are forced to hold guns not of their own will but by adults they do not know whom they are fighting against. Lastly, Writer Lee added, “Depending on the viewer, the genre can change from creature, school, war, to growth drama, but what is most important is ‘fun.’ I hope you enjoy it.”

Source: TVING

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