‘Duty After School’ Premieres Worldwide to Great Acclaim

duty after school drama
Credit: TVING

The TVING original series Duty After School successfully wrapped up its official schedule at Series Mania.

The show, which was the only Korean work to be selected at the French drama series event Series Mania, garnered attention as it was screened worldwide for the first time through a special screening on March 20th (local time).

Viewers applauded the series for its authentic depiction of Korean students and its skillful fusion of science fiction with other genres.

Comments included: “It’s a truly unique work that blends various genres seamlessly,” “The story is very attractive, and the direction is excellent,” “I never got bored while watching it. It was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. I laughed, cried, and felt surprised throughout the whole show,” “The editing was really well done. It helped me feel all the different emotions that the series wanted to convey, from supernatural horror to apocalyptic drama, and even moments of comedy that managed to make me laugh even during serious situations,” “I appreciated how the series touched on relevant social issues that teenagers are facing nowadays. It was great to see the characters develop and grow throughout the show, making it a satisfying watch overall.”

Duty After School tells the story of high school seniors who, instead of fighting the intense battle of entrance exams, join a real war against an attack of alien creatures coming from the skies.

Meanwhile, episodes 1 to 3 of the series will be released on March 31st.

Source: TVING

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