Ahn Yujin and Jung Eun Ji Reveal Their Shocking Graduation Photos on ‘Radio Star’

ahn yujin predebut
ahn yujin predebut
Credit: MBC

IVE‘s Ahn Yujin and Apink’s Jung Eun Ji revealed their shocking graduation photos on MBC’s Radio Star.

Ahn Yujin stated, “I shot a contacts commercial when I was a trainee. I took on the role of a college student when I was in middle school. Many commented that I looked older than an undergraduate student, so I played an office worker after that. When I look at the pictures I took back then, I don’t look old at all. I look like a kid from middle school. But back then, I thought I looked old.”

She added, “I had severe nearsightedness when I was young, so I had to wear thick glasses. My friends got too used to seeing my small eyes that they told me not to take them off. So, I thought I looked better with glasses on, but as soon as I took them off for my debut, I became one of the six idols who look hotter without glasses. I don’t need them now because I got vision correction surgery.”

After looking at the singer’s elementary school photo with glasses, Kim Gu Ra said, “She does look like an office worker,” to which Jung Eun Ji countered, “You need glasses. She looks absolutely gorgeous.”

Jung Eun Ji also shared her graduation photo in which she looked incredibly like Sung Si Kyung. Kim Gu Ra acknowledged her resemblance with the singer and asked, “Did Sung Si Kyung see this? What did he say?” to which she answered, “He does think we look alike. I listened to a lot of his songs back then.”

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