Lee Min Jung Reveals Why She Decided to Show Her Upcoming Film ‘Switch’ to Her Little Son

lee min jung son
lee min jung son
Credit: MS Team Entertainment

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Lee Min Jung revealed why she decided to show her upcoming film Switch to her son Joon Hoo.

Switch is the story about top star Park Kang (played by Kwon Sang Woo) who enjoys his single life and is known as a notorious scandal-maker. The story begins as his life completely changes on a Christmas day. Lee Min Jung stars as Soo Hyun who transforms from a studied-abroad art instructor to a mother who raises twins.  

The actress said she was unsure about showing the film to his son. “The kiss scene and the use of language in the film made me hesitant to watch it with my son. I thought some of the cussing words I used for the film were a little inappropriate for my kid, but my husband said, ‘we can tell him that’s the worst word that an adult can use.’ When I was concerned about showing him the kiss scenes I did for the movie, Byung Hun said that it would be okay as they are not graphic or explicit. So I decided to watch the film with my son.”

She continued, “Joon Hoo rarely watched the movies starring his dad as he often cuts off and twists people’s limbs in his works. How can I show those scenes to my child? Although he gets that it’s not real, I think he should be at least over 13 to be able to watch them. So my kid only watches the short clips of the shows and movies starring his dad. I recently watched Our Blues with him, and he was sad about the son getting angry at his sick mother in the drama.”

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