Fantagio Denies Being Involved with Secret Chinese Police in Korea

fantagio rumors
fantagio rumors
Credit: Fantagio

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The talent agency Fantagio drew a line on the claims that they’re involved with the secret Chinese police that used a restaurant as its front.

Today, Fantagio announced, “When we had the Chinese CEO, A who worked for HG Culture Media was appointed as an outside executive. But the current executives have no connection with the man whatsoever.”

Earlier, a Chinese restaurant in southern Seoul was suspected of being operated as a base for a secret Chinese police station in Korea. Rumors of Fantagio being involved with the organization came out when HG Culture Media was reported to be run by B, the owner of the controversial restaurant.

Founded in 2008 under the name NAO, Fantagio was acquired by JC Group, a Chinese global investment group, in 2016. In the year of the acquisition, A, who was a director of HG Culture Media, was appointed as an outside director of Fantagio. However, in 2020, when JC Group sold the shares and management rights to Korean company GNC Partners, all Chinese executives resigned, and so did A.

Fantagio further explained, “A was let go when Park Hae Sun served as the CEO. The current management took over after everything related to China was sorted out, so the current executives have never even met A before.”

Meanwhile, Fantagio currently manages ASTRO, Weki Meki, Ong Seong Wu, and more.

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