Ma Dong Seok’s New Update Lists Marvel’s ‘Eternals 2’ as One of His Upcoming Projects

eternals 2 ma dong seok
eternals 2 ma dong seok
Credit: Marvel Studios

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The production of Eternals 2 was hinted at in Ma Dong Seok‘s roster for his 2023 projects.

On the 26th, Ma Dong Seok’s Big Punch Entertainment gave an update on the actor’s upcoming projects in 2023, and Eternals 2 was among them.

Eternals Updates on Twitter released a translated version of the announcement: “As production on the drama Hive remains unclear, Ma Dong-seok is in discussion and planning for many movies and dramas scheduled for production next year. Currently, Ma Dong-seok is filming Criminal City 4. Holy Night: Demon Hunters, Wilderness, and Criminal City 3 are about to be released, and Eternals 2 and other global projects he’ll be appearing in are planned to be produced.”

The first film, directed by Chloé Zhao, came out last year but has failed to meet the expectations, so to speak. In fact, it became the first MCU flick to drop to “rotten” status on Rotten Tomatoes. Still, the sequel is highly expected. The project wasn’t mentioned at San Diego Comic-Con or D23 earlier this year, so its future remained cloudy, so this new announcement from Korea has thrilled the fans for sure.

The Direct wrote about what we could expect from this upcoming Eternals family reunion. “For one, Marvel has to resolve the plot point pertaining to half of the movie’s cast being kidnapped by a Celestial. Then there’s Arishem’s eventual return for judgment (perhaps setting up MCU’s Galactus), Dane Whitman’s new blade, Tiamut sticking out of the sea, and more,” they wrote.

The article also brought up the possibility of Harry Styles’ appearance as Eros, aka Thanos’ brother. Then there’s Gilgamesh, Ma Dong Seok’s role in the movie. If he really is returning to the movie, “that would mean that the character would need to be resurrected, perhaps thanks to the World Forge,” as The Direct predicted.

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