Ma Dong Seok and Seohyun Finished Filming ‘Holy Night: Demon Hunters’

Ma Dong Seok Movie Holy Night
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

The movie ‘Holy Night: Demon Hunters‘ completed its filming on September 12th.

Ma Dong Seok Movie Holy Night
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Holy Night: Demon Hunters tells the story of a team of demon hunters called the “Holy Night” fighting against those who worship evil.

Previously, the movie made headlines with its stellar cast – Ma Dong Seok (aka Don Lee), Seohyun, Lee David, Kyung Soo Jin. and Jung Ji So. In particular, Eternals actor Ma Dong Seok‘s punch that had smacked zombies, serial killers, and grim reapers will be thrown at demon worshipers this time.

First of all, Ma plays Ba Woo, who hunts demons with his superpower and rock-like fists. He shared, “I am glad that we finished filming safely during a difficult time. I had a lot of fun while filming.” Seohyun challenged her first-ever “exorcist acting” as Sharon, who has the special ability to find demons. She said, “I can’t believe I’ve finished filming the movie. Every moment will be an unforgettable and valuable memory.”

Ma Dong Seok Movie Holy Night
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Lee David, playing cheerful Kim Goon, also commented, “Time just flew by. We have gotten so close, so I’m sad that the filming is over”. Kyung Soo Jin turns into neuropsychiatrist Jung Won, who visits “Holy Night” to help her little sister that suffers from mysterious symptoms. “Even the staff became one team and helped us act so comfortably.” Moreover, Jung Ji So, who plays a girl with a demon inside her body, shared, “I feel grateful because everyone took such good care of me. I hope the movie comes out well.”

Lastly, director Im Dae Hee expressed his gratitude and ambition. “I did my best and had lots of fun filming. I will work hard on the remaining portion of the post-production, so the result will be amazing.”


Source: Lotte Entertainment

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