Lomon on ‘All of Us Are Dead 2,’ Wanting to Star in a Warm Drama, and More

lomon drama revenge of others
lomon drama revenge of others
Credit: Disney Plus

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Lomon, who’s been building a solid filmography with All of Us Are Dead and Revenge of Others, talked about various things with News1.  

Q1. How do you feel about finishing ‘Revenge of Others’?

This was the first project that I joined as a lead actor. So I felt pressured and worried, but I poured my best, so I have no regrets. I’d like to thank the director, writer, fellow actors, and staff. 

Q2. You received attention with ‘All of Us Are Dead.’ Didn’t you have pressured?

I am grateful that All of Us Are Dead received so much love. I tried to calm myself down as best as I could. And I tried to focus on the filming and encourage myself. So I didn’t feel pressured. 

Q3. Did you feel the popularity?

I don’t go outside a lot. And not that many people recognized me. So I don’t really feel it yet. 

Q4. The show is now all released.

I started after only getting the scripts up to episode 3. I didn’t know how the story ended until I finished filming and didn’t know who the culprit was. Personally, I’m glad that it ended with a happy ending. 

lomon drama revenge of others
Credit: Disney Plus

Q5. Did you really not know who the culprit was?

I’m sure Seo Ji Hun knew. I remember we asked each other, “You’re the culprit, aren’t you?” as if we were playing the mafia game. We realized who the culprit was after the script for episode 12 came out. I even suspected myself at some point. 

Q6. There are comments that you look like SHINee’s Minho?

I have heard it several times since I was young. My friend actually saw Minho, and he called me to tell me that we do resemble each other. I’m thankful, that’s all.

Q7. Is working out your hobby?

I’ve gained 25kg. I was always skinny. So I worked really hard to make this body.

Q8. What does ‘Revenge of Others’ mean to Lomon?

It was a challenge. I thought I’d be able to show various sides of myself in terms of emotional action scenes. I’ve grown a lot.

Q9. Is your next project ‘All of Us Are Dead 2’? What genre do you want to try?

We still weren’t told when the filming would begin. I’ve fought with zombies and taken revenge for others, so I’d like to try youthful dramas that’ll warm viewers’ hearts in this cold weather. It’s also nice to play a high schooler once more. But I want a worldview where no one dies. (laughs) There are so many projects I want to challenge. I’d love to go to space and also try the historical genre. 

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