Yoon Doo Joon and Hyeri in Talks to Lead New TV Series

Yoon Doo Joon Hyeri drama
Credit: Around Us Entertainment, Creative group ING
Yoon Doo Joon Hyeri drama
Credit: Around Us Entertainment, Creative group ING

Yoon Doo Joon and Hyeri are in talks to join the new production Ildangbaek Butler (literal title).

Ildangbaek Butler tells the story of a man who runs errands that cost 10 cents per case and a funeral director who grants the wishes of the dead. Together, they run an errand company called “Ildangbaek.” According to Yoon Doo Joon and Hyeri’s agencies, both actors are positively reviewing the offer they received.

If he joins the show, Yoon Doo Joon plays Butler Kim, the only employee of the errand company Ildangbaek. He’s a man with kind eyes, but on the inside, he’s like a roaring tiger. Some might think of him as a pushover because he’s always laughing, but he’s more solid than anyone else. In any case, he’s the only and the best employee of Ildangbaek. He meets Baek Dong Ju per a customer’s request. But he keeps getting involved with her, even learning about her secret just after meeting three times.

Hyeri is offered the role of funeral director Baek Dong Ju. She seems bright, refreshing, and soft but is strong at heart. You may think of her as a nobody, but she’s actually a tough girl who has played table tennis since she was eight. After becoming a funeral director, she figured that she had a special ability to talk to the dead. When her hand touches the face of the deceased, the deceased momentarily regain their vitality and talk to her. And Dong Ju faithfully grants her deceased’s last favor.

Meanwhile, Ildangbaek Butler will premiere in July as a follow-up Showtime Begins!

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