Yoo Ah In Says ‘Burning’ Is the Work that Made Him Who He Is Now

Yoo Ah In Burning
Yoo Ah In Burning
Credit: UAA

Yoo Ah In is one of the busiest actors in the industry. Despite the COVID-19 situation, he released #ALIVE, Voice of Silence, and Hellbound one after another. And now, he’s filming The Match, High Five, and Seoul Vibe. JTBC sat down with the actor during the Lunar New Year holiday for an interview.


Q1. How do you feel about starting the year 2022?

I’ve been working on four projects since last year. And each work has a different background, and the genres and styles are quite different too. I feel like I’ve started the new year quite busy as well.

Q2. What do the trophies you won with ‘Voice of Silence’ mean to actor Yoo Ah In?

The time spent working in Voice of Silence, ironically, was a very noisy time. It was a work that sparked a heated debate, and it was even that commotion was lovely. I don’t have to define the trophies that have passed my hand in any way. I hope they become my strength rather than a burden.

Q3. You’ve been working nonstop. Is there any reason for being a prolific actor?

They were the projects I met at a time when I wanted to use myself in a slightly different way. They have different styles, and each one has a unique Korean aesthetic and cinematic quality, so I had a desire to pull them off the best I could. The moments of this hard work have dragged me to the limits of my physical strength that I had never felt before. Thanks to this, health has become the most important value of my life these days.

Yoo Ah In Burning
Credit: CGV Arthouse

Q4. Which project do you think made Yoo Ah In who he is now?

It’s the movie Burning. It’s a movie that created a new responsibility and will for me to continue my job as an actor. In some ways, I even think that it’s a movie that gave me a new life.

Q5. You’re celebrating your 20th debut anniversary. If you could describe your 20-year career in one word?

Baby step.

Q6. Is there anything Yoo Ah In is afraid of?

Going to work early in the morning.

Q7. Anything you’re interested in these days besides acting?

I want to learn carpentry and furniture design. I’ve always been curious about ways to permeate into other people’s lives other than acting.

Q8. Will we get to see producer or director Yoo Ah In one day?

One day, maybe. I’m also looking forward to becoming someone that can take responsibility for those tasks.

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