Presidential Candidate Sim Sang Jung’s Heartfelt Post About ‘Snowdrop’ Is Getting Heated Responses from All Over the World

drama Snowdrop
drama Snowdrop
Credit: JTBC

Justice Party presidential candidate Sim Sang Jung took a parting shot at Snowdrop, which is insisting on creative freedom despite the constant controversy over historical distortions. Her post has been translated into different languages and is spreading like wildfire.

On the 23rd, Twitter users in Turkey, Portugal, Japan, and the States are sharing Sim’s post after translating it into their own language. Sim wrote this post two days ago after Snowdrop caused an uproar. Snowdrop has been accused of historical distortion, denigrating the pro-democracy movement, and glorifying the spies since the premiere.

“Not long ago, in response to the death of Chun Doo Hwan (t/n: elected military dictator de facto, he was the one who led the military during the Gwangju uprising. There is a very similar character in Snowdrop), I said, ‘We must constantly reflect on whether the era of Chun Doo Hwan is over.’ Watching the controversy over the drama Snowdrop, I realize that what I said is now a reality, not a warning anymore. I’m sensing that [the drama] is attempting to re-evaluate the harsh era behind Chun Doo Hwan as well as Chun Doo Hwan himself.

It is rather a problem if you do not see the issue in a drama featuring a pseudo-Chun Doo Hwan who is portrayed as the godfather of the mafia, a spy who infiltrated the movement, a righteous NSA, university students who show no worries about what is happening around them, etc. We must remember Chun Doo Hwan, who had manipulated us with his spy agenda and the torture that had continued for more than a century. The victims are still alive.

If we are to shine a light in this harsh era, the protagonists should be ordinary citizens who shed blood, sweat, and tears for the democracy of the Republic of Korea, not on the NSA of the South in the dictatorship and spies. There is already a good precedent: Youth of May. Creative freedom should be humble in the face of the wounds of history.”

drama Snowdrop
Credit: JTBC

These are some of the comments for Sim’s post: “Blinks better realize this was never about K-pop; it’s hurting a lot of people with real trauma.” “The entire statement is incredibly powerful.” “I would rather listen to the current presidential candidate and the real victims instead of some fans.” One thing many of them were in awe of was the final sentence, “Creative freedom should be humble in the face of the wounds of history.”

Meanwhile, the petition demanding the show’s cancellation on the Blue House has already garnered 339,900 signatures as of today. However, JTBC had expressed their desire to keep the show going, stating that “the misunderstandings will be resolved in the later episodes.”


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