MAMAMOO’s Hwasa to Make Her Comeback on November 24th

Credit: RBW

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa will return to the K-pop scene on the 24th.

Today, Hwasa dropped the web jacket image of her second single album, Guilty Pleasure. While the title of the upcoming smash was unveiled, attention focuses on what kind of story she will tell under the theme of “guilty pleasure.”

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Hwasa’s solo comeback comes about a year and five months after the release of Maria, released in June last year. At the time, she had saturated streaming charts, including iTunes Top Album Chart (U.S.) and QQ Music’s new song chart (China). Additionally, the artist had started the “Maria” challenge craze via TikTok, showing off her global influence.

Meanwhile, Hwasa has solidified her identity as a solo female singer with her unrivaled style, trendy musicality, and splendid performances. And with this upcoming comeback, she’s expected to make her third hit, following “twit” and “Maria.”


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