‘Mine’: Three Ways the Actor Cha Hak Yeon Captivates Our Hearts

Credit: tvN
Credit: tvN

In the tvN series Mine, �Cha Hak Yeon, who plays Han Soo Hyuk, shows the charms of a man in love. Through his woeful eyes and pure love despite the harsh reality around him, he draws us into the story more and more. In this article, we listed the actor’s three most striking charms.

Credit: tvN

1. He expresses his emotions straightforwardly.

Han Soo Hyuk is the third-generation “chaebol,” a lonely soul with deep emotional wounds due to a heartbreaking farewell with his mother early in his life. He has lived his life following the expectations his family had for him until he met Kim Yoo Yeon (Jung Yi Seo), his family’s new maid, to whom he remains adamant about his feelings.

He stipulates to his stepmother, Jung Seo Hyun (Kim Seo Hyung), that he is not interested in inheriting the Hyowon Group and asks, “What is the use of it all if I get to live to hurt someone I love for the rest of my life?” And even after his father, Han Jin Ho (Park Hyuk Kwon), slaps his face, he does not change his intention to live an ordinary life like other people.

2. His Doe Eyes

As he falls in love, Cha Hak Yeon portrayed the character’s inner transformation through his delicate glances. In particular, in the scene in which he brings Yoo Yeon back to his home after learning that she had been kicked out from the Hyowon family, he impersonated the complex feelings of Soo Hyuk in his gaze.

Cha Hak Yeon shared that “When Soo Hyuk first met Yoo Yeon, he tried to conceal his feelings towards her. But I was impressed with how he gradually became honest with his feelings. In the scene where he shows emotions toward Yoo Yeon, I tried to look into Jung Yi Seo’s eyes to read and feel her emotions without saying things out loud.”

3. His Charming Innocence

In the first few episodes, Cha Hak Yeon’s cold face, callous eyes, and indifferent attitude revealed the loneliness of a high-born successor of a Chaebol family, who grew up without affection. However, after meeting Yoo Yeon, the change he goes through turns him into a more charming character and captures the viewers’ attention.

After she was kicked out of the family, Soo Hyuk visits the fast-food store where Yoo Yeon works and tells her, “I have no problem eating hamburgers three times a day. I’m not going anywhere until you agree to go back.” Also, he declares that she can hit him on the face to make her feel better for getting slapped by his grandmother. But he flinches when she gestures to do so. Born into tremendous wealth and privilege, whether Soo Hyuk can retrieve his “mine” out of the Hyowon family remains to be seen.


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