‘Concrete Utopia’ Starring Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young Starts Filming Today

The film ‘Concrete Utopia’, starring Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon, and Park Bo Young, will begin filming today.

Credit: Lotte Entertainment
Credit: Lotte Entertainment
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Concrete Utopia is a thriller film about those who survived in a city that went to ruins after a massive earthquake. It’s also a film adaptation of the second part, “Pleasant Nehigbor,” of Kim Soong​ Nyung’s hit-webtoon “Pleasant Outcast.”

First, For the film, Lee Byung Hun plays Young Tak, the Hwang Goong Apartment residents’ temporary leader. He is the kind of leader who is willing to take any risks to protect the apartment from outsiders.

Secondly, Park Seo Joon turns into Min Sung, the reliable assistant of Young Tak. He used to be a government employee and a loyal husband. However, he starts to change drastically in the face of a crisis. Lastly, Park Bo Young will make her big-screen comeback three years after On Your Wedding Day as Myung Hwa from Concrete Utopia. As Min Sung’s wife and former nurse, she calmly takes care of the injured in extreme circumstances.

The team recently had its first table read, and today, they will begin the first shoot.

Credit: Lezhin Webtoon

Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Young, and Lee Byung Hun express excitement

Lee Byung Hun shared, “I am looking forward to working with director Uhm Tae Hwa. Also, it’s my first time working with actors like Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young. So I am very much excited.”

Park Seo Joon expressed his excitement, saying, “I’m excited to try out a new genre. The changing emotions of Min Sung came very attractively, as he undergoes various events with people living in Hwang Goong Apartment. So I will do my best to show quality work.”

“I am glad to be a part of Concrete Utopia, and I will work hard in the upcoming filming,” Park Bo Young shared. “Even the table read was such a lively scene where each character in the script vividly came true. I know that I will be learning a lot from the set, and I’m determined to put in my best effort.”

Starting with the movie Concrete Utopia, Lotte Entertainment and Climax Studios will develop the massive earthquake survivors’ stories in various content, including films and TV series.


Source: Lotte Entertainment

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  • Looking forward to this film especially that Park Seojun is my favorite actor. I’m sure this will be something that other fans would also love to see. With the two other great actors, Lee Byung Hun and Park Bo Young, who i saw in Strong Girl, this will be a hit👍👍👍

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