Apink’s Chorong Apologizes for Underage Drinking but Strongly Denies School Violence Allegations

Apink’s Chorong admitted to underage drinking but repeatedly denied allegations of school violence.

Credit: Play M Entertainment

Earlier this month, Play M Entertainment stated that they plan to take legal actions against Chorong’s childhood friend for blackmailing. In the days that followed, the friend – reported with her last name, Kim – had an interview with a media outlet. In it, she accused the idol of physically assaulting her with her friends.

And on the 6th, Chorong took her Instagram to address her stance regarding the ongoing controversy.

“Hello, this is Park Chorong.

I’m sorry that I’m greeting you with an unfortunate matter.

First of all, before I explain the recent incident, I’m sorry to have troubled you with the photos of my drinking when I was a minor. I hurt everyone who supported me with my foolish behavior from when I was young.

I sincerely want to apologize without making any excuse.

The recent allegation first started at the end of February and has been continuing for about a month.

During that time, I made a lot of effort to try to communicate amicably. But things didn’t turn out as I expected, which I find very unfortunate.

I read the reports and interviews related to me that hit the wire yesterday. Things have escalated this far because of a misunderstanding between us. But I feel even more tortured because I still have memories of being friends with her and playing together, starting from elementary school to high school. So I’m distressed to the point where I can’t express it.

Regarding the untruths that have been spread, I would like to reiterate that I am innocent.

I have never slapped, undressed, or assaulted, as Kim claims.

In this regard, I will do my best to prove my innocence through testimonies of those who were present at the time and transcripts of my calls with Kim.

Lastly, I have wounded my fans, who have cheered me on and supported me for the ten years since my debut.

I was afraid that you might feel as though my sincere words and actions up to this point seem intentional because of this incident. And I was also scared of disappointing the fans who have supported and believed in me.

I want to make a sincere apology to all our Apink members, our fans, our company, and everyone who helps me.

To all of our fans and members, I ask for forgiveness for causing you trouble with the unpleasant news on our 10th anniversary. I offer you my honest and genuine regrets.”


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