A Crime Imitating “Nth Room” Case Took Place in the IZ*ONE Fandom

Credit: Off the Record Entertainment
Credit: Off the Record Entertainment

A crime that imitated the so-called “Nth Room” case, a criminal case involving the making and spread of sexually exploitative content, occurred in the idol online community gallery.

On Jan 18, a netizen who is known as a mega-fan of IZ*ONE (hereinafter referred to A) posted an article titled “How slaves are made and how I run the system” on an online community “DCInside.”

A talked about the system that he created and explained how he made those who wrote malicious comments against IZ*ONE his “slaves.” A has reportedly used a method of entering an open chat room where IZ*ONE anti-fans are active. He would capture the chats and threaten to file a complaint.

Credit: DCInside Capture (mail A received from ‘slave’)
Credit: DCInside Capture (slave room)

He wrote, “After telling them, ‘I will forgive you if you send me a letter of reflection and personal information,’ I threatened to spread their identities if they do not work in the slave room. I didn’t stop with the blackmail and released their names, jobs, and contact info in online communities.”

This wasn’t the end. The victims are forced to go through the “test” that A created, and if they fail, A tossed them to the “legal team” and proceeded with the complaint. Those who became the “official slaves” will enter the “slave rooms,” each room consists of 10 to 12 people, to run IZ*ONE galleries. They would take turns monitoring galleries and collecting and classifying postings till dawn. These “slaves” were also in charge of identifying other haters’ personal information, increasing the number of “slaves.”

Credit: DCInside Capture (apology letter)
Credit: DCInside Capture (apology letter)

According to A, a total of 80 people have joined the slave rooms. And some of these “slaves” were minors. In fact, the photo of the apology letter A posted includes the phrase “5th grade in elementary school.”

A justified his actions, saying that he was simply “punishing” the haters. However, according to Kookmin Ilbo’s report, A also posted slanderous and sexual harassment postings against other idols.

Currently, A’s article has been deleted. However, screen capture of his writings has already spread to various communities, sparking a bigger controversy.


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