The Best 5 Scenes to Laugh with in ‘True Beauty’

So far, tvN’s True Beauty has poured out great scenes that put a cheerful smile on your face. The combination of heart-fluttering romance and the witty comedy impresses viewers with thrilling and pleasant charm. Let’s check out the delightful moments of True Beauty that brought laughter to the small screen.


  1. Moon Ga Young’s Imagination �’� – Vampire Cha Eun Woo

In the third episode, Joo Kyung lets her imagination run wild, worrying that Su Ho will threaten her with her secret. Her eyes meet with Su Ho’s eyes in her imagination, and with his eyes turned red, he walks towards her to suck her blood. Su Ho’s vampire visual combined with background music reminiscent of a horror movie reveals the unstable psychology of Joo Kyung. At the same time, Joo Kyung, who gets scared and runs away, is cross-cut with Su Ho, who is dumbfounded by her action, giving a big laugh.


  1. Moon Ga Young’s Imagination �’� – Moon Ga Young as a Warrior in the Game
Credit: tvN

In the third episode, the imaginary scene in which Joo Kyung turns into a warrior by burning up her “fighting power” after getting caught bare-faced by Su Ho is also quite spectacular. Joo Kyung transforms into a warrior in the game to slay Su Ho, and this fantasy scene that seems like a scene right out of an actual game was implemented with a visual effect reminiscent of a battlefield. The clear contrast between high-spirited Joo Kyung and cynical Su Ho gives us big laughter, but this impressive visual effect disappears when Su Ho holds up the hair tie as evidence of Joo Kyung’s bare face.


  1. Moon Ga Young’s Imagination �’� – Moon Ga Young as the Main Character of a Makjang Drama

In the 10th episode, Joo Kyung goes beyond the fantasy genre and turns into a makjang drama’s main character. Joo Kyung disturbed after hearing Soo Jin’s (Park Yoo Na) confession about her feelings for Su Ho and starts to imagine what happens after she goes public with her relationship with Su Ho. At this time, a music usually used in makjang drama flows out, and Joo Kyung is thrown strawberry juice by Soo Jin as she declares the end of their friendship. Soon, Su Ho walks in to end his relationship with Joo Kyung and grabs Soo Jin to whisk her away.


  1. Cha Eun Woo’s Crazy Entry into Moon Ga Young’s House
Credit: tvN

In the sixth episode, Su Ho enters Joo Kyung’s house. Mother Hyun Sook (Jang Hye Jin) takes care of Su Ho as if he’s already her son-in-law and father Jae Pil (Park Ho San), who dotes his daughter, eyes him up and down. But when the electricity goes out, the cartoon-like situation is played out. Suho barely holds on to the pillar after being sandwiched by Joo Kyung’s family, while Joo Kyung’s weeping eyes give a big laugh.


  1. Cha Eun Woo vs. Hwang In Yeop Dumpling Battle

In the 10th episode, the “dumping battle scene” by Su Ho and Seo Joon (Hwang In Yeop) is also a must-see. The two face off in a heated battle to see who can make the better dumplings to win Hyun Sook’s approval, and their heroic expressions compared to the adorable aprons stimulate laughter. Furthermore, a magnificent sound effect is played over the two shots of the two actors who make dumplings with all their heart and soul, and Joo Kyung and her family’s colorful reactions complete an unforgettable scene.

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