Yubin Says Her New Song ‘Perfume’ Is About a Girl Who Became a Villain

Credit: rrr Entertainment

Yubin returned to the K-pop scene with “Perfume,” a song that contains her own scent. This is her comeback in 8 months. The song’s arpeggio synthesizer sound that seems to be galloping, rhythm that sounds like a heartbeat and thrilling composition that crosses trendiness and retro certainly stand out. The songwriter Dr.JO, who worked with Yubin in her solo debut song “Lady,” perfected the song that is just right for her. “Perfume,” which runs brilliantly as the rap, melody and narrations that sound like lines from movies continuously play a variation, captivates eyes and ears with the scent of Yubin, who has become a cold woman in a lonely city.

Yubin expressed her feelings about her comeback through her agency rrr Entertainment.

Q1. What kind of song is “Perfume”?

It’s an attractive song with a captivating arpeggio synthesizer sound. When I first heard it, the spell-like intro was so impressive that I thought I should do it.


Q2. What did you focus on when writing the lyrics for “Perfume”?

My goal was to capture the image of a lady who had darkened from the beginning. I think it will be more fun if you listen to it as you compare it with “Lady.” You know, like lady vs. bad girl?


Q3. The point choreography for this album?

The key point is where I spritz on perfume as if I’m seducing someone, and overall, you will see a bad girl seducing, controlling and commanding.


Q4. What to look for in a music video?

It will be more fun to watch while imagining, “Why was I born again as a bad girl?” I was also inspired by the “Poison Ivy” character and the film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. If you look for these small points, you will enjoy it more.

Credit: rrr Entertainment

Q5. You joined hands with Dr.JO after two years since your solo debut song “Lady.”

I wanted to work with him again. He is the one who gave me my precious debut song, so I was delighted. I feel new whenever we are together because he provides me songs that capture new images of me.


Q6. Is there any specific moment you want to recommend “Perfume”?

When you’re taking a shower, when you want to feel special and when you want to solely focus on yourself, listening to it will make them a shining moment.


Q7. You debuted 14 years ago.

I am planning and preparing new music that I haven’t shown before. Please look forward to it!


Q8. Words to your fans who have been waiting for your comeback?

This year, I will make you happy without a break! Thank you for always supporting me so that my daily life can be full of joy!


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