[Interview] Singer-Songwriter and Producer Sophiya Chat about K-pop and Its Charm

Sophiya (real name Bae Soo Jung), who has worked with TWICE, SISTAR, and Apink, has a unique history herself. While working as an accountant in London, she participated in MBC audition program Star Audition: Birth Of A Great Star 2 (2011) to finish runner-up, and since then, she began to leave her name on several albums as a producer while working as a singer with outstanding techniques.

Then years have passed since Sophiya became a musician. Her career as a producer has already entered its sixth year. From why she started composing, to useful tips, the charms of her being a composer, to her future plans, let’s check her interview.


(*parts of the interview)

Q. How did you start composing?
I took a songwriting course back home in London. Rather than focusing on composing, we mainly analyzed hit songs. We looked at what elements combined to create hit songs and why they were so famous. Then I started to write K-pop songs with Kim Bo Kyung’s Memories, and after that, I started really getting on the girl group groove and was able to work with some amazing artists.

Q. The best part of being a K-pop composer.
To be at the forefront of the trend. Every day, the world’s interest in K-pop is growing. One of the cool things is knowing that something new that you’ve created is loved by so many people. Thousands of fans singing your song that you’ve written, I think that’s one of my favorite times as a songwriter.

Q. The next 10 years as musician Sopihya?
There have been so many changes over the past 10 years. I literally have no idea how I’m gonna change for the next 10 years. But I know that it will somehow be related to music.

Q&A List:

  1. From being an accountant to a musician
  2. Any secrets to be a good composer/songwriter?
  3. What have you been doing recently?
  4. How did you start composing?
  5. How does the composition process work?
  6. Working on TWICE’s “FIREWORK”
  7. What’s your main focus during guide recording?
  8. The best part of being a K-pop composer
  9. Which genre/artist do you want to work with in the future?
  10. For those who want to be a K-pop composer
  11. Looking back the past decade as a musician
  12. The next 10 years as musician Sopihya?

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