Seohyun Expresses Her Confidence in Her New Drama ‘Private Lives’

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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun heralded a transformation as a swindler. JTBC’s Private Lives is a drama in which swindlers use all their skills to uncover the nation’s huge “private life.” Seohyun will play the role of Cha Joo Eun, a born-to-be swindler who has mastered various skills from her swindler parents since childhood. What’s the reason behind Seohyun’s bold decision?

Seohyun said, “As soon as I read the script, I thought, ‘I really want to do this project and play this character no matter what.’ I remember reading the script all day long. It was so compelling that I lost track of time.”

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She also chose an attractive character as one of the reasons. “I got absorbed with a character full of lies and cons. As she grew up with frauds because of her con-artists parents, she learned the principles of the world faster than anyone else. She also has a good sense of reality, including objectively understanding the situation she’s in.”

Seohyun thoroughly prepared herself to take on the role of Cha Joo Eun, who excels in disguise. “I gained a lot of information on various occupations through related books and documentaries. Also, I chose the outfits more carefully to express Cha Joo Eun’s emotions that depend on the situation.”

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As she filmed, her affection for the work grew even more. In particular, the perfect chemistry among the actors certainly stands out. About Go Kyung Pyo, who she earned the nickname of “new town couple” with on social media, she said, “He is awesome both outside and inside. He is so considerate on the set that I feel less nervous. That’s why there are prettier and more heart-fluttering scenes.”

As for Kim Hyo Jin, Seohyun said, “She is so friendly before the shooting, but as soon as she stands in front of the camera, she immediately changes. I’m always amazed at that.” She then went on to say, “Chemistry with Kim Young Min, Park Sung Geun, and Song Sun Mi is also amazing. I’m so happy at the scene.”

Lastly, Seohyun expressed her wish, saying, “I hope it will be a drama that will provide an opportunity for the viewers to think deeply about the truth even in this world where people deceive each other. I hope you will forget the difficult reality for a moment and feel refreshing and cool. Of course, I wish you also fall in love with Joo Eun, whom I have already fallen in love with.”

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