Bae Doo Na and Jo Seung Woo Express Their Feelings About Returning with ‘Stranger 2’

Bae Doo Na and Jo Seung Woo shared what it feels like to return with Stranger 2.

Unlike the last season, where the two characters dug into the truth behind the prosecution’s sponsor murder case, Stranger 2 deals with the dispute between the prosecution and the police over investigative authority.

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Han Yeo Jin, who eradicated absurdity with Hwang Shi Mok with a strong will not to compromise on injustice, will start with a new change of working on detached duty at the headquarter in Stranger 2.

Bae Doo Na said, “My beloved character Han Yeo Jin is still growing,” and expressed how she was a bit surprised when she learned that she was in charge of administrative affairs at the National Police Agency, not the Yongsan Police Station.

“When I read the script, I soon got to understand Han Yeo Jin. I think as much as the sense of accomplishment she felt while working in the violent crime squad in Yongsan, after witnessing the administrative drawbacks, she may have developed a desire to find out more deeply and improve them. Han Yeo Jin is in a strange place to see and learn more and to change, and she is growing that much,” she added.

Bae Doo Na also talked about the relationship between Han Yeo Jin and Hwang Shi Mok.

“To Han Yeo Jin, Hwang Shi Mok is the most fair, unbiased and not self-interested, and the best respectable partner. They are like the ‘island-like’ people in their fields, so more synergy is created when they work together.“

Regarding Jo Seung Woo, who plays Hwang Shi Mok, she said, “For me, Jo Seung Woo equals Hwang Shi Mok. He is still the best partner, and we will show you the partnership where we become rocks for each other.”

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Jo Seung Woo, who is returning as a solitary prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok, also expressed his joy.

“I’ve been waiting for it, and I’m glad the season 2 I wanted came true. When I first read the script for Stranger, I read only two episodes and decided to take on the role. This script was also fantastic. It’s refreshing to be able to come back.“

He also noted his relationship with Han Yeo Jin, who will find themselves on opposing sides.

“It was totally unexpected, so I was surprised once again by the script. It will be a key point to see what position Hwang Shi Mok, who makes no distinction between ‘being cool-hearted’ and ‘being warm-hearted,’ will choose in the center of the battle over investigative authority between the prosecutor’s office and the police,“ he said.

Jo Seung Woo also stressed, “The chemistry with Han Yeo Jin will still be the same,” asking the viewers to look forward to the upcoming drama.

Stranger 2 will be written by writer Lee Soo Yeon like the previous season and directed by Park Hyun Seok, best known for Uncontrollably Fond. It will premiere on August 15 as a follow-up of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

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