Director Lee Jeong Beom Says Won Bin’s Role in ‘The Man from Nowhere’ Was Originally a 50-Year-Old Man

Credit: JTBC

Director Lee Jeong Beom recalled his first meeting with actor Won Bin.

In the recent episode of JTBC’s Movie Room, which aired on August 2, director Lee Jeong Beon and actor Kim Hee Won appeared as guests to mark the 10th anniversary of the movie The Man from Nowhere.

Director Lee said, “One day, Won Bin contacted me, saying, ‘I read the script and I really want to meet you.’ I was dumbfounded. I originally set the main character as a man in his 50s. I couldn’t imagine Won Bin playing the role. So I just met him, thinking, ‘Let’s see Won Bin’s face,’ but I fell in love on the spot.”

“Won Bin analyzed the script and brought it to me. We talked for about 2 hours straight, and he said, ‘It’s about a man saving a girl, but the man is also getting saved by the girl.’ After our 2-hour meeting, I decided that it was him and changed the entire script. I also adjusted the level of the action scenes,” he added.

He also drew attention when he said, “That scene was in the script, but I never knew that it could receive such exclamations. But of course, I kind of felt it as I filmed it,” as he mentioned the “shaving scene” in the movie.

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  • I love this movie. From the seriously sad dark side of humanity. To the best fight scenes ever. Won Bin is exceptional. 5 Stars!

  • Exceptional movie! One of my perpetual favorites along with Das Boat, Blackhawk Down, Gladiator… I hope Lee and Won will team up again!

    • Hope it will have a sequel with Won Bin as the lead star again..For sure, his fans missed him so much.

  • Love this movie so much and have rewatched several times since I first watched it. Never bored. Wonderful action, fight scenes. The ending just totally twists my heart.

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