Korean SF Anthology Series ‘SF8’ Confirms All Cast and Will Start Filming

The movie and drama crossover project SF8 will start filming,

SF8 advocates the original Korean version of the SF Anthology series and will tell the story of a near-future where people dream of a perfect world with technological developments. Produced by Soo Films in collaborations with MBC, Korean Film Directors’ Association (DGK) and Wavve, SF8 will be directed by eight film directors (Kim Eui Seok, No Duk, Min Gyu Dong, Ahn Kook Jin, Oh Ki Hwan, Lee Yoon Jung, Jang Cheol Soo and Han Ga Ram) into eight 40-minutes-long-episodes.

Credit: MBC, SM Entertainment, Atnine Film, CGV Arthouse

White Crow (literal translation), a horror series chosen as the first runner among the eight series, is directed by Jang Chul Soo of Secretly Greatly. The story is about BJ Juno, who appeared on a live VR game show, being trapped in a virtual reality world. Hani will play the role of BJ Juno, who specializes in horror games, while Shin So Yul confirmed to play the role of Shin Ji Soo, a homeroom teacher of BJ Juno back when she was a sophomore.

Augmented Bean Pods (literal translation) is being directed by Oh Ki Hwan, known for his film, The Art of Seduction, and will present a romance between a man and a woman, who met through VR, struggling to achieve true love even in real life. Uee and Choi Si Won will star in the series.

Director Kim Eui Seok, who gave a fresh shock with After My Death, will be directing Human Proof (literal translation). Moon So Ri recently confirmed her appearance. Human Proof is based on author Iruka’s short novel Five Steps of Independence (literal translation), which tells the story of an android standing in court for murdering a human who loved the same woman.

Director Min Kyu Dong, who showed delicate directing skills with Herstory and All About My Wife, will be in charge of directing Nurse (literal translation), which depicts the world of robots that has replaced caring labors. Lee Yoo Young, Ye Soo Jung, Yeon Hye Ran, and Yoon Gyung Ho have confirmed their appearances.

Credit: Lotte Entertainment, MBC, Indie Story, The Contents On, JNC Media

Whole Body (literal translation), directed by No Duck, who gained the viewers’ empathy with The Exclusive : Beat the Devil’s Tattoo and Very Ordinary Couple, will feature a thrilling genre film with Lee Dong Hwi and Lee Yeon Hee playing the lead roles.

Director Ahn Kook Jin, who directed Alice In Earnestland, will produce I Can’t Love In A Week (literal translation), which tells the story of a couple’s unique fantasy romance as they face the apocalypse. Lee David, who recently appeared on Itaewon Class, will play the main character.

Director Lee Yong Jung, known for her work Remember You, will direct Astronaut Joan (literal translation), which portrays a queer romance unfolding amid the disaster of fine dust. Kim Bo Ra of SKY Castle and Choi Sung Eun of START-UP will star in the series.

Han Ga Ram, who made headlines with her provocative portrayal of the youth with Our Body, presents the female action series Blink (literal translation), which is based on Kim Chang Gyu’s novel Equal (literal translation). The story is about a detective who takes artificial intelligence as a new partner and connect their brains to fight with the ghosts. Lee Si Young will be playing the role of a detective for the first time in three years since MBC’s The Guardians.

The original version of “SF8,” which will be produced with various materials including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), robot, game, fantasy, horror, superpowers, disaster, etc., will be released in July on Wavve. Then two episodes will air back to back for four weeks on MBC in August.

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