Ju Ji Hoon Shares His Thoughts on His Character from “Kingdom”

Ju Ji Hoon recently sat and talked about his hit drama series, “Kingdom”!

Ju Ji Hoon plays crown prince Lee Chang in the zombie sageuk, who isn’t willing to stop at anything in order to protect his citizens from the plague that’s been creeping up on them, even if it means going against his own family in order to do so.

Season two, which dropped on March 13th, has already accumulated a great amount of positive reviews, and Ju Ji Hoon shared his happiness on hearing so many positive feedback. As for the ending of Season two, Ju Ji Hoon stated that he liked the ending as it was, and that the decision ultimately led for his character to be able to stay for the upcoming seasons as well.

The actor also spoke about his close relationship with co-stars, including Bae Doona and Kim Sung Kyu, commenting on how they’ve spent over two years together and have always maintained a good relationship by meeting up as often as they can.

Ju Ji Hoon also touched on how he felt about Jun Ji Hyun‘s cameo appearance at the end of season two, expressing that he had been a fan of the actress since he was young. He was shocked to find out about her cameo, but unfortunately wasn’t able to see her at the set.

Many have been noticing the ironic similarities of “Kingdom” to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Ju Ji Hoon voiced his concerns regarding the virus stating that it really pains him to know that the drama he had completed filming in August of last year was so parallel with what’s going on in the world today. The actor said that he had been praying every day for those families who are struggling due to the virus’s impact.

Seems like season three of “Kingdom” hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the entire cast have high expectations for it to come, and Ju Ji Hoon has asked his viewers to help encourage a season three so that Netflix takes action. But, for now, be sure to watch the entire season 2 of “Kingdom” on Netflix!



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