IU Makes Her 5th Donation to Help with the Coronavirus Relief Efforts

IU has made her fifth donation in hopes of being whatever help she can in aiding the Coronavirus relief efforts.

The singer-songwriter donated 20 million Won (approximately $16,903.47 USD) on March 4th to Yangpyeong County in Gyeonggi Province to help prevent further spread of the Coronavirus. She chose this county to donate to in particular, because both her parents are currently known to be residing there. Her generous funds will be used towards the purchase of more hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and masks that are needed for general protection from and overcoming of the virus.

Her label stated that IU hoped it’d be at least a small amount of help in aiding the Coronavirus relief efforts, as the representatives of Yangpyeong County said that although there weren’t confirmed cases of the virus in the county, there were many elderly people with weak immune systems that need all the support they can get.

It is known that IU has also donated 100 million Won (approximately $82,573.03 USD) to the charity organization Good Neighbors, another 100 million Won to the Korea Medical Association, 30 million Won (approximately $25,354.13 USD) to the Seocho district, and another 30 million Won to Gwacheon (where her label is located).



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