Posters of the Cast of “Heart Signal 3” Has Been Revealed!

Heart Signal” is a romantic variety show from Channel A, in which eight strangers live together for a month in the same house, as their experiences are being watched by a group of panelists with various experiences in the field of dating and love. And the posters of the cast for its third season has been officially revealed!

Yoon Shi Yoon, Block B’s P.O., and Han Hye Jin will be joining some of the panelists from the previous seasons (Lee Sang Min, Kim Ea Na, and Yang Jae Woong) this season.

The posters for the program’s third season shows a glimpse of the eight people who will be appearing on the show. With a cast composed of eight visually stunning men and women, it seems like “Heart Signal 3” is already making viewers’ excited for what’s to come.

“Heart Signal 3” will premiere it’s first episode on March 25th at 9:50pm KST!



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