HyunA and Dawn Have Rescued a Dog Together

The two are now proud parents to a new lucky puppy!

HyunA and Dawn have become proud parents to a new lucky puppy!

Dawn shared photos and videos of the couple’s new pet on his personal Instagram on December 15th. The video he posted showed HyunA happily petting their new pet, as fans flooded the comments section making sure if the dog was really there’s.

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HyunA has shown her love for dogs for quite some time now through multiple different actions, such as adopting an abandoned dog back in 2013 from Seoul’s Cheonggye Stream, appearing in a campaign for the adoption of rescue dogs, and donating all the money she received from the campaign to an animal protection organization.

Just a day after Dawn’s post got posted, the couple’s agency P NATION confirmed the adoption news, stating, “There is an animal shelter in Nowon-gu that the couple often goes to, and they decided to adopt when the dog caught their eye. When they heard that the shelter was having difficulties finding someone to take him home, they decided they would raise him together”.

What a lucky dog to have such loving, talented parents!



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