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    Former EXO Member Tao Wishes to Marry a Korean Artist, and She Is IU?

    Former EXO member Tao confessed his feelings to a Korean female, believed to be IU, drawing keen attention. Today, remarks made by former EXO member Tao during his Weibo Live heated up the online communities and social media. According to these posts, Tao recently hosted a live session on Weibo and said, “There’s a girl […] More

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    Three Chinese WJSN Members Erasing Traces of WJSN on Social Media?

    It seems like three Chinese WJSN members started to erase traces of WJSN from their social media. Recently, the fact that WJSN’s Cheng Xiao, Mei Qi and Xuan Yi deleted WJSN from their Weibo profiles started to draw keen attention online. Previously, they introduced themselves as WJSN members on their profiles, but now they are […] More