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    BoA Marks Her 20th Anniversary with the Most “BoA-like” Music

    BoA is back with her 20th-anniversary album. “I filled the setlist with music that I wanted to do, the most ‘BoA-like’ music,” she said, signaling another evolution.  On the morning of Dec 1, BoA expressed her thoughts on her comeback at the press conference for her 20th-anniversary album BETTER. “I still can’t believe it myself. […] More

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    BoA to Drop her New Album ‘BETTER’ Next Month

    BoA’s 20th-anniversary album BETTER will be released on December 1. BETTER marks BoA’s 20th anniversary since her debut and will feature a total of 11 songs. Since she has shown steady improvement in her music and performance over the past 20 years, her upcoming comeback is drawing keen attention. BoA 보아 The 10th Album [BETTER] […] More