BoA Marks Her 20th Anniversary with the Most “BoA-like” Music

BoA is back with her 20th-anniversary album. “I filled the setlist with music that I wanted to do, the most ‘BoA-like’ music,” she said, signaling another evolution.

Credit: SM Entertainment

On the morning of Dec 1, BoA expressed her thoughts on her comeback at the press conference for her 20th-anniversary album BETTER.

“I still can’t believe it myself. Thinking about the 20th-anniversary album, I thought that the music I wanted to do now is the most suitable. People around me put more meaning on the fact that it’s my 20th anniversary, but I’m working on it with a light heart.”

BoA’s 10th regular album BETTER features 11 songs of various genres, including the title track “Better.”

“It’s my 10th regular album and an album that celebrates my 20th anniversary, so I wanted to try various genres. You can feel that it’s colorful. I worked on this for about a year and 6 months.”

The title track “Better” is an impressive R&B dance song with a heavy bass and explosive beats in the chorus. The song sampled British singer AWA’s “Like I Do,” which has been reinterpreted in BoA’s own color.

“It’s Yoo Young Jin’s song, and it’s about winning love without hesitation. Usually, when you think of BoA, people think of a girl crush. You can look forward to the 2020 version of girl crush. The performance will be awesome, and I will show you an upgraded girl crush and a more relaxed female power.”

Credit: SM Entertainment

BoA, who debuted in 2000 with her debut album ID:PEACE B, has built the foundation of the K-pop craze and created new history.

“I’m just grateful that producer Lee Soo Man always stayed as my helper. I would love to continue making music with him like this. He didn’t say much about my 20th anniversary. All he said was, ‘Has it already been 20 years? That’s a long time.’ SM family, we stick together and interact musically. Even now, we talk about music all night long.”

She also didn’t forget her affection advice for her juniors.

“The area that K-pop groups now work in was unimaginable in the past. It’s so cool and amazing. K-pop became a worldwide music. They are doing such amazing jobs, but I believe that it is our duty to make better music for K-pop.”

Credit: SM Entertainment

Finally, BoA said, “I recently reflected on myself a lot after watching Na Hoon Ah’s performance. I thought, ‘I’m still a baby.’ I feel like I’ve just become an adult as a singer. When we become adults, we make our own choices. And now that I’m celebrating my 20th anniversary, I think I can think more about the music I want to do. I look forward to my next 10 or 20 years. I think I will enjoy music even more.”

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