TWS Shakes Up the K-pop Scene with Their Chart-Topping Debut

tws debut kpop
tws debut kpop
Credit: Pledis Entertainment

It seems like TWS Is the new face of K-pop that everyone can’t stop talking about. The boys, who hit the scene on the 22nd of last month, have not only met but exceeded expectations, clutching a report card of impressive achievements.

Crafted from the initialism “TWENTY FOUR SEVEN WITH US,” TWS embodies the promise to “always be with you.” Their debut single Plot twist encapsulates the quintessential freshness unique to the act, marked by an immensely popular and addictive chorus that resonates with the masses.

Launched by Pledis Entertainment after nine years, TWS has quickly made a name for themselves as the “younger brother group of SEVENTEEN.” While the halo effect of their predecessors cannot be disregarded, TWS has proven their worth through their own talent and capabilities. Their debut showcase was a testament to their unwavering live performances, razor-sharp choreography, and the distinct charm and personality each of the six members brings to the table.

“Plot twist” has captivated not just fans but the wider public, propelling the track to a steady climb on the music charts, peaking at 4th place on the Melon Top 100 as of the morning of the 13th. Achieving such a feat within just three weeks is a rare occurrence for a rookie idol group. The song has garnered a variety of reactions from listeners, likening it to “the feeling of drinking an electrolyte beverage after sweating in the summer” and “a song that makes heading to work actually pleasant.”

The success of a debut single sweeping music charts and achieving significant album sales from day one, surpassing 200,000 copies, is an uncommon narrative for a fledgling idol group.

Cultural critic Ha Jae Kun offers his analysis, stating, “While girl groups have received widespread love for their popular songs, boy idols have formed strong fandoms with songs that were less accessible to the general public. There seemed to be a league of their own for male idols, but with the emergence of TWS following RIIZE, songs easily approachable by the general public have exploded in popularity. It’s the result of a built-up public desire.”

TWS has not only shone in the music arena but also stands out in various fields, from being chosen as the face of a soft drink even before their debut to being invited to a Japanese fashion festival. Now the question is: Can TWS maintain this spark as a long-running group? At their debut showcase, leader Shinyu expressed, “We have eagerly awaited this day. We will strive to transition from being the most anticipated to the best rookie group.”

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