Police Request Arrest Warrant for YouTuber Kim Yong Ho Over Blackmailing Celebrities

Youtuber Kim Yong Ho arrest
Youtuber Kim Yong Ho arrest
Credit: SBS

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Department recently requested an arrest warrant against YouTuber Kim Yong Ho for extorting money from several celebrities.

Since 2020, the YouTuber is alleged to have blackmailed celebrities while threatening to expose them on his YouTube channel.

In one video, he mentioned that he could reveal the private lives of many celebrities, including Seo Jang Hoon and Tae Jae Hoon. In January 2020, he said, “Seo Jang Hoon has been involved in numerous scandals. He has a lot to lose if they come out.” A month later, Kim changed his tune and said, “I received a call from Seo Jang Hoon and met him in person. He was actually very humble and nice.” Despite all his warnings, he did not reveal anything about the former basketball player.

Kim Yong Ho also accused Tae Jae Hoon of gambling in the Philippines in September 2020. As the actor’s agency denied the allegation, the YouTuber publicly shared a photo of him at the casino. However, the video targeting Tak Jae Hoon has since been set to private.

Meanwhile, Kim has been sentenced to eight months in prison in the first trial for defaming the former Minister of Justice and Kim Gun Mo’s ex-wife. He is currently on trial for making false allegations about Park Soo Hong.

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