Ma Dong Seok Breaks His Silence: Two Spinal Fractures and Paralysis Risk

ma dong seok the roundup
ma dong seok the roundup
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Ma Dong Seok talked about the shocking injuries he suffered in an interview for The Roundup: No Way Out.


He said, “When I was in middle school, I used to earn some cash by doing food deliveries. Unfortunately, I ended up getting into a car accident and messed up my left shoulder pretty bad. Later on, when I moved to the United States, I ended up breaking that same shoulder again. Had to go through surgery to fix it up. ”

“I actually had an injury while I was working as an actor too. We were shooting a scene abroad, and out of nowhere, the building collapsed, and I fell from a height of six meters. Ended up with three broken vertebrae, a cracked breastbone, messed up ankles, and even a half-torn Achilles tendon. Man, it could’ve been way worse, though. I mean, I could’ve been paralyzed from the waist down, but luckily, I’ve always had strong bones since birth,” he said, reminiscing about those close-call days.

The actor revealed that he’s been dealing with untreated injuries for the past decade due to his busy schedule. “I also struggle with panic disorder, which makes it challenging for me to board a plane. Ever since I injured my spine and experienced issues with my autonomic nerves, I’ve had trouble breathing until recently. Sometimes, when the symptom worsens during filming, I have to take a break,” he explained.

The Roundup: No Way Out premiered to an impressive 740,000 viewers, securing the top spot at the South Korean box office. This number surpasses the previous installment’s opening record of 467,483 viewers. The latest film has garnered a total of 1,224,216 viewers through various events, including paid premiere previews. However, it still needs to attract 1.8 million viewers to break even.

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