Anticipation Soars for Kim Seon Ho’s Big Screen Debut in Park Hoon Jung’s ‘The Childe’

kim seon ho movie
kim seon ho movie
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Director Park Hoon Jung’s new movie The Childe confirmed its release in June.

The Childe tells the thrilling tale of Marco (Kang Tae Ju), a boxer who fights in illegal arenas in the Philippines and the frenzied chase filled with madness and suspense that awaits him when a mysterious man that goes by “The Childe” (Kim Seon Ho) and various other factions with different motives appear in front of him.

This is the latest work of Park Hoon Jung, who directed New World, Night in Paradise, and The Witch series. The film is also the screen debut of actor Kim Seon Ho, who has been loved for his roles in Start-Up and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. In The Childe, Kim Seon Ho transforms into the eponymous character, showcasing a completely different charm.

The recently released launching poster captures the silhouette of “The Childe,” who whistles leisurely while watching his target. “The Childe,” played by Kim Seon Ho in the film and the title character, appears as an unidentified pursuer who turns Marco’s life upside down.

The Childe features not only Kim Seon Ho, but also rising star Kang Tae Ju, who was chosen out of 1980 hopefuls in an audition. Additionally, the film stars Kim Kang Woo and Go Ara.

Source: NEW

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