Woo Do Hwan Stresses There’s Not One Boring Character in ‘Joseon Attorney’

joseon attorney
joseon attorney
Credit: MBC

Woo Do Hwan is making his long-awaited comeback to the small screen as the “Joseon attorney.”

MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama Joseon Attorney tells the story of an attorney in the Joseon era who seeks revenge against the enemy who killed his parents in court. This legal revenge drama shows that true revenge is only worthy when carried out for righteous causes, as the main character learns what it means to be a true lawyer for the people.

On the 13th, stills featuring Woo Do Hwan’s diverse expressions were released. Woo Do-hwan plays Kang Ha Sung, the undefeated Waijibu (lawyer in Joseon called) who has mastered the law for the sake of revenge. He’s a man who uses all sorts of tricks and his legal knowledge to win in court.

Woo Do Hwan cited the “immersive scripts” as the biggest reason for choosing the project. “The script was so absorbing that I couldn’t think of anything else,” he commented. “There is not one boring character in the drama.”

He then introduced his role Kang Ha Sung, saying, “He seems light but is heavy, foolish yet genius – he’s got an incomprehensible charm.” He added, “There are so many lines to memorize. Since it’s a historical drama that deals with laws, there are quite a lot of unfamiliar legal terms, so we’re focusing on making it easier to understand for the viewers.”

The three words he used to describe Kang Ha Sung are “pain,” “confidence,” and “growth.”The actor explained, “From start to finish, Kang Ha Sung is a person of tragedy. He exudes confidence wherever he is, and as the story progresses, he uses his talent for the country rather than his personal vendetta..”

Finally, Woo Do Hwan expressed his excitement for the drama, saying, “I’m happy to be able to greet viewers in the warm spring with Joseon Attorney. Please look forward to it with expectations and interest, as it is a work that will add warmth to your life.”

Meanwhile, Joseon Attorney will premiere on the 31st at 9:50 PM KST.

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