Woo Do Hwan and Bona Exchange Enigmatic Glances in New ‘Joseon Attorney’ Stills

joseon attorney kdrama
joseon attorney kdrama
Credit: MBC

Joseon Attorney has released new stills featuring Woo Do Hwan and Bona.

The new drama airing on MBC on Saturdays and Sundays follows the story of a lawyer during the Joseon era who seeks justice for his parents’ death by bringing his enemy to court.

Woo Do Hwan plays the role of Kang Han Soo, a lawyer who has mastered the law to seek revenge on the enemy who unfairly killed his parents in the past. Kim Ji Yeon stars as Princess Lee Yeon Joo, the former king’s daughter who approaches Kang Han Soo while hiding her true identity to seek revenge on those who harmed her father.

Kang Han Soo, who possesses extensive knowledge in many areas, captivates aristocrats and crowds with his eloquent speeches and impressive acting skills. As Yeon Joo appears before him under the pseudonym “So Won,” unpredictable events begin to unfold.

In the released stills, the two characters create a mysterious atmosphere, staring at something with enigmatic expressions and exchanging mysterious glances.

Joseon Lawyer will premiere on March 31st.

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