HYBE Claims ADOR CEO Relied on Shaman for Business Decisions, Including BTS’ Enlistment

Min Hee Jin bts
Min Hee Jin bts
Credit: ADOR

HYBE dropped a bombshell today, accusing ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin of relying on a shaman for major company decisions.

These decisions reportedly included hiring and staffing. According to HYBE, the shaman claimed to communicate with the spirits of Min’s ancestors and offered coaching via KakaoTalk on all aspects of business.

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HYBE released transcripts of lengthy conversations between Min and the shaman. The transcripts allegedly show the shaman advising Min in 2021 to “take over a company within three years.” The shaman reportedly offered to help for three years and claimed the takeover could be completed within that timeframe.

Min is also accused of seeking the shaman’s guidance on various business strategies, including matters related to joint ventures, stock options, and creating new labels. The timing of this coaching reportedly coincides with Min’s efforts to gain control of HYBE’s management. Additionally, HYBE claims Min discussed selling her HYBE shares with the shaman.

HYBE also claimed that Min consulted the shaman regarding BTS members’ military service. The shaman allegedly made statements implying the use of ‘black magic’, saying they would “send them away” because the members “didn’t even win a gold medal.” Min is further accused of requesting such actions, stating it would be “better for me if they weren’t around.”

HYBE revealed that Min allegedly consulted with the shaman during the recruitment process for new employees. Many of those who received positive evaluations from the shaman are reportedly now employed at ADOR.

Min has vehemently denied all allegations. HYBE, however, claims to have verified the substance of these claims through forensic analysis of transcripts obtained during an audit.

HYBE expressed serious concerns about Min’s continued leadership of ADOR. The company alleges that “despite the continuous discovery of serious problems, including criminal acts that cannot be disclosed, Min has refused to step down. This delay is creating major roadblocks to getting ADOR’s management back on track.”

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