PICK: New Korean Dramas to Watch in March 2023

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Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated by Yu Jin Kim


Delivery Man (3/1)

Delivery Man is a comical-investigative drama that revolves around the unique theme of a “Ghost-Only Taxi.” Yoon Chan Young, who starred in All of Us Are Dead (2022), will play Seo Young Min, a livelihood taxi driver who offers rides to passengers anywhere for a fare. Bang Min Ah from Girl’s Day will star as Kang Ji Hyun, a ghost who has lost her memory. One day, she gets a free ride in Young Min’s taxi by chance. The two of them are expected to deliver great pleasure to viewers as they listen to ghost passengers’ grudges and investigate a mysterious murder case. Kim Min Seok will appear as a handsome doctor who helps them out.

Divorce Attorney Shin (3/4)

After successfully launching two hit dramas starring Song Joong Ki and Lee Bo Young, JTBC is now betting on Cho Seung Woo to be the next face of their new series. Set to premiere in March, Divorce Attorney tells the story of Shin Sang Hoon, a divorce lawyer who was once a pianist, as he faces various unexpected divorce cases and deals with his vibrant friends. Breaking away from the typical legal dramas that focus on revenge, this drama is expected to deliver deep and humane stories through various realistic judicial separation cases. The show will be available globally on Netflix.

Oasis (3/6)

Set in the turbulent 1980s and 1990s, Oasis portrays the dreams, friendship, and love of three young people who fiercely live through the turbulent times from the 1980s to the 1990s. Jang Dong yoon, Seol In Ah and Chu Young Woo play Lee Doo Hak, Oh Jung Shin, and Choi Chul Woong, respectively, each walking down a different path under their diverging fates. Many are curious whether the drama will effectively reflect the youth’s story in an era of chaos and tragedy, much like Youth of May (2021). Some viewers have commented that its trailers remind them of the classic drama Sandglass (1995).

The Glory Part 2 (3/10)

Will Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) finally achieve the long-awaited revenge she has been plotting? And will the series conclude with an ending that leaves everyone satisfied? The anticipation for the second half of The Glory is incredibly high, with viewers sharing their diverse opinions each time a new teaser trailer is released. Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook and director Ahn Gil Ho have respectively commented, “The key point is to observe who and when the perpetrators receive their punishment in the show,” and “You will feel a sense of catharsis by witnessing how their lives are destroyed.”

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise (3/11)

Penthouse (2020-2021) actors Lee Ji Ah, Bong Tae Kyu and screenwriter Kim Soon Ok are reuniting for a new suspense drama. Titled Pandora: Beneath the Paradise, it tells the story of a woman who regains her lost memory and confronts those who manipulated her life. Lee Ji Ah will play Hong Tae Ra, the wife of a presidential nominee who has a dark secret. The production team, led by screenwriter Kim Soon Ok, said, “The two-sided characters, along with the suspense and plot twists, will keep viewers engaged in the show. Please look forward to the dynamic setting and intense action scenes in the drama.”

The Secret Romantic Guest House (3/20)

A youthful period drama that is fitting for the refreshing spring vibe is about to come. Based on a web novel of the same name, SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama, The Secret Romantic Guest House, portrays the mysterious romance at a Joseon boarding house called Lee Hwa Won. Shin Ye Eun, who made headlines with her impressive acting as the child version of Lim Ji Yeon in The Glory, will star as Yoon Dan Oh, who runs the boarding house on behalf of her parents. Ryeoun, Kang Hoon, and Jung Gun Joo will appear as boarders who have secrets of their own.

Joseon Lawyer (3/31)

Joseon Lawyer marks the return of Woo Do Hwan to the world of dramas following his hiatus due to military service. The series follows a man who becomes a lawyer to take revenge on those responsible for the death of his parents. Although it centers around the theme of “revenge,” which has made many K-dramas successful, the show will differentiate itself from other dramas with the same theme by having a lawyer from the Joseon Dynasty as its centerpiece. Woo Do Hwan will play Kang Han Soo, whose life was destroyed by the law and now seeks revenge using it. Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022) star Bona will make her first appearance in a period drama and play the role of Lee Yeon Joo, who joins forces with Kang Han Soo.  Viewers are wondering whether the upcoming series will help MBC’s Friday-Saturday dramas get back on track, as they have been performing poorly since the hit drama Big Mouse (2022).

Duty After School (3/31)

Following All of Us Are Dead, another drama that centers around teenagers’ survival is coming back. TVING’s Duty After School is based on a popular webtoon and follows high school seniors battling a mysterious creature that has taken over the Earth. Viewers are eager to see if the students can survive the unprecedented crisis just 50 days before their college entrance exams. Additionally, the show is expected to showcase a promising new actor who may have great potential for the future.”

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