PICK: The 7 Most-Anticipated Korean Romance Movies of 2023

korean romance movies 2023

Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
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If you are in love with K-romance dramas such as Crash Course in RomanceTrue Beauty and Love to Hate You, you might also enjoy K-movies with heart-fluttering love stories. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the seven most-anticipated movies slated to premiere in 2023.


The Witch actress Kim Da Mi is making her movie comeback with a Korean remake of the popular Chinese film named Soulmate. The movie follows the special friendship between Mi So and Ha Eun, played by Kim Da Mi and Jeon So Nee20th Century Girl actor Byeon Woo Seok will play Jin Woo, who closely observes their close friendship. The film is expected to bring back memories from the past by capturing the two’s heartwarming friendship, first love and growth with eye-catching visuals. Soulmate will premiere on March 15th.

Single in Seoul
Single in Seoul
Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Will we be able to finally see the love story between Lee Dong Wook and Im Soo Jung? Although Single in Seoul finished filming in 2020, the release date hasn’t been set due to the pandemic’s long shadow. The film follows an influencer who enjoys spending time alone and an editor at a publishing company who is not okay with being alone making a book together about single life. It will depict a realistic love story between the protagonists, who have totally different philosophies and lifestyles. All eyes are on whether we will be able to see the two romance masters’ chemistry on the large screen this year.

Sweet and Warm (literal title)
Kim Hee Seon new movie
Credit: Mindmark

Kim Hee Seon is making her grand movie return with a new rom-com movie titled Sweet and Warm, in which she will be starring opposite Yoo Hae Jin. The film follows a genius researcher who has been developing addictive snacks at a candy company and a cheery and optimistic call center employee at a loan review board. Together, they experience a pleasant change in life. Expectations are growing on how Kim Hee Seon’s lovely charm and Yoo Hae Jin’s witty performance will blend together within the movie.

30 Days (literal title)
Jung So Min
Credit: Mind Mark

Following TwentyKang Ha Neul and Jung So Min will be teaming up in yet another rom-com titled 30 Days (literal title). The movie follows a couple who loses their memories in a tragic accident 30 days before their breakup. Kang Ha Neul will play Noh Jung Yeol, an intelligent and good-looking man who sometimes can’t help himself from acting like a total loser. Jung So Min will star as Hong Na Ra, a confident and not-so-easy-going woman who sometimes can be a little ‘nuts’. The exciting setting of a wacky couple suffering from amnesia before their separation is expected to draw viewers into their story. Anticipations are high about their chemistry in their upcoming film.

2 O’Clock Date (literal title)
Credit: CJ ENM

YoonA will be starring in a new romance movie helmed by Exit director Lee Sang Geun. 2 O’ Clock Date follows a woman with a big secret who meets a man living on the floor above hers to have the most bizarre date ever at 2 AM. Curiosity is rising on what kind of story director Lee has in store for us as he delivered a mind-blowing story about those who overcame unimaginable catastrophes in Exit. On top of that, viewers are also left wondering whether YoonA will continue her lucky streak through the upcoming film, followed by her success in dramas and movies last year. Plus, all eyes are on whether Ahn Bo Hyun will be recognized by viewers with his first commercial movie.

Starlight Is Falling (literal title)
Credit: Fantagio, Topstarnews, Artist Company

TV and film projects that are set in the 1990s have been loved by many viewers over the past few years. Starring EsomOng Seong Wu and Shim Eun KyungStarlight Is Falling (literal title) will also meet viewers with its unique and nostalgic 90s vibe. The movie follows two girls both named Hyun Jung and a boy named Kyung Soo, going back and forth between their college days in 1993 and the present time. Esom and Shim Eun Kyung will play two girls who are both named Hyung Jung and Ong Seong Wu will take on the role of Kyung Soo who has difficulty opening up his feelings to others. Samjin Company English Class director Choi Kook Hee will helm the show.

We Grow Up (literal title)
Credit: Lotte Entertainment, iMBC

We Grow Up (literal title) is a remake of the Argentine movie named No Kids. The movie tells the story of a man who encounters his high-school first love but has to keep his daughter a secret from her. It will be the second project created by Hitman: Agent Jun director Choi Won Sup and Kwon Sang Woo. Kwon Sang Woo will play a middle-aged man who used to be in a school band but now raises his daughter as a single father. Moon Chae Won appears as his first love, whom he encounters again years later. During an interview after the conclusion of Payback, Moon described the film as a family-friendly movie with a heart-fluttering love story.

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