Kang Ha Neul Is an Obsecure Actor in the Upcoming Drama ‘Curtain Call’

Kang Ha Neul
Kang Ha Neul
Credit: KBS

Kang Ha Neul turns into an obscure actor in the new drama.

KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama Curtain Call tells the stories of people involved in the greatest con in history as one man tries to make a dying elderly woman’s wish come true.

In the drama, Kang Ha Neul turns into Yoo Jae Heon, an obscure actor who acts out a role to grant an elderly woman’s wish. Despite the poor surroundings, he never loses self-love and confidence.

The actor introduces his role with three keywords – novelty, another universe, and the biggest strength. “I thought it was quite novel to have to play a role for someone,” he shared. “If I were actually in that kind of situation, I’d have found the idea of acting just for someone intriguing.” Kang Ha Neul then went on, “Jae Heon realizes that living someone else’s life means feeling the different universe. He starts acting for someone, but he ends up realizing that it was for himself.”

He then talked about what his biggest strength is. “My biggest strength is that I have no eye-catching charm,” he shared humbly. “But I think that makes viewers enjoy (my performance) more comfortably.” Now, Kang Ha Neul is dedicating himself to the role. “I’m thinking a lot about how I’ll be seen more as Yoo Jae Heon than Kang Ha Neul,” he said.

Curtain Call comes from River Where the Moon Rises director Yoon Sang Ho and Midnight Runners writer Jo Seong Geol. According to Kang Ha Neul, the script is the drama’s biggest strength. “The script itself is so warm. It shows a series of events that make it impossible to put (the script) down.”

Meanwhile, Curtain Call will premiere as a follow-up of The Law Cafe.

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