Hyeri and Lee Jun Young’s New Drama Confirms October Release

Hyeri new drama
Hyeri new drama
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MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama One Hundred One Butler recently confirmed its October release.

Starring Hyeri and Lee Jun Young, the drama depicts the teamwork between Baek Dong Ju, the funeral director who grants the wishes of the dead and Butler Kim who runs errands for people around the town. Welcome2Life director Shim So Yeon and 20th Century Boy and Girl screenwriter Lee Seon Hye teamed up to produce the upcoming series.

Hyeri will play a woman named Baek Dong Ju who can talk to the dead. She helps ghosts to move on by granting their wishes to avoid having an unlucky day. Lee Jun Young will star in the series as Butler Kim, who is a bit clumsy at times but shows his honest and trustworthy nature whenever he faces crucial moments. He ends up meeting Baek Dong Joo and becomes intertwined with her eventful life.

Song Deok Ho will take on the role of Seo Hae An, a policeman who almost blindly trusts Baek Dong Ju due to his feelings for her. Han Dong Hee will appear as an ER resident named Tak Chung Ha who used to date Butler Kim. Although she believes that she has Kim’s heart forever, she sees Kim falling for another girl and becomes agitated.

Tae In Ho will play Baek Dong Ju’s supervisor Im Il Sup. Although he looks loving and kind, he has a painful past that he never talks about. Lee Kyu Han will play Butler Kim’s troublesome uncle Vincent who runs the “One Hundred One” errand service. Oh Dae Hwan will play priest Michael at Bongsu-dong Cathedral, the only person who knows about his niece’s special ability.

The production team shared, “The series will provide you with a heartwarming viewing experience as it will be filled with various untold stories that the deceased leaves behind.”

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