Na In Woo Shares His Final Thoughts on ‘Jinxed at First’ and His Gratitude for Seohyun

Na In Woo Jinxed at First
Na In Woo Jinxed at First
Credit: Cube Entertainment

Na In Woo recently shared �all his gratitude for his co-stars, fans, and the creators of Jinxed at First.

On August 26th, the actor sat down for an interview at Cube Entertainment studio with YTN Star, ahead of the drama’s conclusion. He said, “Our team spent the hot summer and freezing winter together, sharing our joys and sorrows while filming the drama. I had lots of fun filming it, thanks to the welcoming staff members and fans who sent us endless support and love.”

The 27-year-old actor had a meaningful reunion with producer Yoon Sang Ho through this project following their 2021 series River Where the Moon Rises. He thanked Yoon, saying, “I think he saw me in a good light while we were working together for River Where the Moon Rises. I could fully commit myself to the role, thanks to his strong leadership and energetic support.”

When asked about the chemistry with Seohyun, he shared, “I normally cannot juggle multiple things at once, but she has the talent to do so. She helped me whenever I had trouble with my acting, and I think such teamwork made some scenes visually rich and powerful. Despite our differences, we had the same goal and were able to create a good synergy by working together.

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