‘Carter’ Official Trailer: Joo Won Wakes Up With a Lethal Bomb in His Mouth

Carter Joo Won
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has unveiled a new trailer for its upcoming Korean film, Carter.

The new film is an action thriller that revolves around a mysterious agent named Carter who must follow the instructions from an unknown female and find who he is within a limited time frame. Helmed by The Villainess director Jeong Byeong Gil, the new movie will star Joo Won as its centerpiece.

The official trailer begins with Carter waking up in a strange place without any memories from the past. Soon, a mysterious female voice in his head says, “Listen to me, if you want to live,” and gives him a special mission to find and bring a girl named Jung Ha Na to North Korea. Turns out, she is the cure for the mutant virus running rampant around the world, and the man with no memory sets out on the mission while dodging CIA agents out �to eliminate him.

Anticipations are growing for the upcoming movie as Joo Won was spotted engaging in non-stop physical combat, sky-diving stunts, as well as motorcycle, car and helicopter chase scenes. The film is expected to garner a lot of attention with its adrenaline-fueled sequences as its director once said, “I wanted to present a movie that is filled with hard-hitting action scenes that you’ve never seen before.”

Carter will premiere on August 5th.

Source: Nexflix

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