Male-Female Friendships in the Industry You May Not Have Known

Song Hye Kyo Yoo Ah In

Even if they always hang out together, go on trips together, or even hug each other, they never had any dating rumors surface. And it’s because they have male-female friendships better than love.


Song Hye Kyo & Yoo Ah In

Song Hye Kyo Yoo Ah In
Credit: Yoo Ah In Instagram

These two actors of the same agency have built up their friendship as close friends and as top actors of the era. When one of them has a new project released or starts new filming, the other one doesn’t hesitate to promote it and send enthusiastic support via social media. They either send coffee trucks to the filming sets or attend premieres. Yoo Ah In had sent a coffee truck to the set for Song Hye Kyo’s latest drama Now, We Are Breaking Up. At the time, he wrote, “I love you. Song Hye Kyo, stay healthy. From Uhm Hong Sik,” clearly showing the two’s unfailing friendship.


Gong Yoo & Gong Hyo Jin

Gong Yoo Gong Hyo Jin
Credit: SBS

Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin are dubbed the “Gong siblings.” The name, as you can see, comes from their same last name, and the two starred together in the 2005 drama Hello My Teacher. The two have been close friends ever since and have shown off their chemistry in TV commercials as well. When Gong Yoo got swept up in untimely marriage rumors with Jung Yu Mi, Gong Hyo JIn’s “resentful” reaction became a hot topic. At the time, she posted, “This is driving me nuts. Why are there no dating rumors with me? I hate that even more!” giving a big laugh. They might as well have a dating rumor hit the wire once, but no one will believe it. Since they are distant family members!


Yunho & BoA

Yunho BoA
Credit: MBC

BoA and Yunho are friends of the same age and labelmates of SM Entertainment. Yunho once shared, “I’ve hit rock bottom twice in life. And every time, BoA knew it somehow and showed up.” He added, “She’s more loyal than my guy friends. She’s someone I want to be friends with for a long time,” showing his deep trust and affection for her. IN the past, Yunho appeared on I Live Alone and said, “If either you or I get married, I’m going to cry.” BoA replied, “We don’t call each other often, but when we meet, it feels like we saw each other just yesterday. Maybe identical twins are like us.”


Uhm Jung Hwa & Jung Jae Hyung

Uhm Jung Hwa Jung Jae Hyung
Credit: tvN

Uhm Jung Hwa and Jung Jae Hyung have been friends for more than 20 years. Jung Jae Hyung described Uhn Jung Hwa as someone “whose name will be on my tombstone,” and Uhm Jung Hwa described him as “her spiritual soulmate.” How the two affected each other’s life is impossible to enumerate. Recently, Uhm Jung Hwa posted a video full of hearts along with the caption “Jae Hyung’s birthday week.” In July last year, Jug Jae Hyung presented Uhm Jung Hwa with a home-cooked meal for her birthday. At the time, she wrote, “This is the dinner Jung Jae Hyung cooked for me. And when I got home, there were flower bouquets. I’m such a happy person.”

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