Jung Woo Sung Says Lee Jung Jae Is Someone Who Always Supports Him No Matter What

Jung Woo Sung Lee Jung Jae
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Jung Woo Sung Lee Jung Jae
Credit: Netflix

Jung Woo Sung made a pleasant transformation into a producer in the Netflix original series The Silent Sea. In a recent interview, Jung Woo Sung mentioned Squid Game‘s success and his best friend, Squid Game star Lee Jung Jae.

In September last year, Squid Game caused a global sensation when it became the most-watched Netflix series in the world, showing an unprecedented success. Though it became an excellent opportunity to introduce K-content to the world, other projects were forced to endure the pressure and expectations.

“(The standard of success has become Squid Game) It’s cruel,” he laughed. “We have to get rid of that standard quickly. It was a worldwide sensation and a social phenomenon. How many Hollywood movies have seen such a phenomenon? There is only a handful in the world. It’s a fateful phenomenon that cannot be easily achieved.”

Jung Woo Sung Lee Jung Jae
Credit: High Cut

The topic naturally led to Squid Game star Lee Jung Jae, aka Jung Woo Sung’s best friend.

“When it comes to common decision-making, we talk about it together,” Jung Woo Sung shared. “For example, as for The Silent Sea, he was there supporting me the whole time. I stand by him too. This is respect. We see and understand what one another is trying to express and accept it as it is so that they can be conveyed well.”

Jung Woo Sung also showed off his friendship with the actor. “I felt proud (when he became a global star). So I teased him a lot when we worked on his movie together. I had so much fun just watching everything from his side.”

Lee Jung Jae was the first person who got the “special thanks” in The Silent Sea. “He’s someone who always watches and supports me even if I don’t say anything,” Jung Woo Sung relayed. “There is this gratitude I have for him, beyond doing something at the scene or giving him a gift. So there was no other person than him to come first on the list.”

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